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Zero Waste Travel Tips

Summer is here and with it our thirst for exploring new places.
Travelling is wonderful and we believe that it is good for our souls and our minds. Certainly flying has a really great impact on the environment and we should all try to reduce our emissions by travelling less for longer or by considering other kinds of transportation, like trains, wherever and whenever possible. 
Having said that, we can also try to be less wasteful while on our way to our favourite destinations.
Here are some tips!
Before even beginning our trip we could download our tickets as PDF instead of printing them out, saving time and paper.
We can use reusable luggage tags instead of getting the stickers provided at the airport that just cause unnecessary waste
Bringing our own napkins can help us with food on the good and avoid plastic packaging. Same goes for reusable bags as of course we are going to buy a couple of souvenirs for our family and friends! A reusable bottle can be also very useful, we just need to remember to have it empty when we pass airport controls. ; )
Talking about airport controls and liquids restrictions we can gift ourselves of a clear case with mini clear bottles that we can fill with our favourite natural shampoo and shower gel so that we can use them multiple times and we don't have to buy any extra before our departure.  
This is by no means a complete list and we are eager to hear from you more tips and comments.
Our actions when multiplied really do matter and by being more mindful we can contribute to a make this world a better place, for us and our planet. 




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How to Help Protect our Rivers

Marvi recently went rafting to enjoy the wonders of a river from a different perspective. 
Its beauty, fierce and the wonderful scenery helped reflecting on how important it is to preserve all of this.
Water pollution isn’t just a problem in the sea, but local waters are suffering too, often from pollutants found in common household products. 
Not polluting our local environment it is not just the responsibility of big industries but also ours. Sometimes it is just a matter to start somewhere to help reduce our impact like doing less laundry or don’t buy synthetic clothing to reduce the amount of micro plastic. Have you eve heard of it? They are broken-down plastic waste, synthetic fibres and beads found also in personal hygiene products. They are mistaken for food and ingested by fish and other aquatic animals. 
Another small step would be avoiding anti bacterial products like hand gel or toothpaste that contain agents such as triclosan, which mimics the hormone estrogen in animals and can inhibit their reproductive systems and ability to swim. Crazy uh? These are just a few tips but the list of things we can do to help the environment is long. We just need to ask ourselves more often how we can make another step toward a plastic free world.

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Countdown to Earth Day - 3 Tips to Help Reduce Plastic

This Sunday 22nd of April, Earth Day will mobilise the world to End Plastic Pollution in the effort to eliminate single-use plastic and to raise awareness on health and other risks associated with the use and disposal of plastics. 

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3 Natural Cleaning Products and How to Use Them

Just today The Guardian published an article saying that according to a recent research cleaning products are a big source of urban air pollution. 

So we thought of sharing some useful tips on how to reduce household emissions by using natural cleaning products.

1) Salt

Salt is perfect for scrubbing. The grit from salt has sandblasting properties to reduce and remove built up scum. Try to pour a half cup of salt down clogged drains. After run warm water for a few minutes so it works its way through the system.

You can also use salt to remove grease from pans. Just sprinkle a teaspoon and then clean with a wet sponge.

2) Lemon

Lemon is great to remove hard water stains. Try to rub half of a lemon over stained sinks. Give another squeegee for an extra shine.

If you want to remove odours from your hand after cutting garlic or onions just wash your hands with some water and lemon and they will be restored to their natural aroma. 

To remove extra tough grease just add few drops of lemon juice to your dish soap to clean pans and pots. 

3) Olive Oil

Olive Oil is great for polishing, try to use one drop on a clean cloth to make your shoes shine. 

It can also help remove stickers or price tags. Last but not least, try to use to polish and shine metal. Just use few drops on a cotton cloth.

We hope you enjoyed the reading..we wish you a greener and happier cleaning!


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Why I bought 50M CarbonCoins…by Matt Mellen

What if everyone concerned with environmental issues globally agreed to useCarbonCoin? What if major environmental and conservation NGOs useCarbonCoin and encourage their members to do so? What if everyone paying for environmental services (tree planting, conservation, ecological restoration) chose to do so usingCarbonCoin? The currency could rapidly become a significant economic force in the world contributing to a massive new wave of tree planting.
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